“Implementing effective changes”

… or: … why New Year’s resolutions hardly ever come true!

It is fatal for any part of any organization when urgently needed structural reforms and improvements are only implemented in part or with delay. Such failures not only have a negative impact on the company’s business results and market position, but also cause internal debates and personal recriminations among employees that are detrimental to the company’s success and lead to resistance against further change in the future.

The decisive factor …

The vision, strategy and plan – the “WHAT” – is of crucial importance. But the “HOW” – the implementation, realization and personal willingness – is the factor ultimately tipping the scales. In other words: the sum of the individual perception of all those involved in the task. These individual attitudes determine – most of the time subconsciously – our actions and therefore the degree to which we implement our tasks. These behaviors are the result of the “personal motivation factors”. A sensible approach to these parameters can help reach new levels of goal achievement.

… is the focus on the HOW!

At global expert consulting services – originating from the Herrenberger Team für Weiterbildung und Organisationsentwicklung GmbH – we have specialized in the implementation and theory-to-practice transfer for more than 25 years. The WIFE© method which has been developed and successfully tested for decades provides you with reliable information on the attitudes of individuals and teams. The measures derived from its findings will significantly improve your goal achievement quota.

The decisive factor is therefore our own approach, which helps us avoid thoughts such as:

  • We will never do it!
  • What else are we supposed to take care of?
  • With good luck, we’ll be spared this ordeal!
  • Nothing will ever change, it does not matter how hard we try!

Our success speaks for itself, because our partners value our agile approach.
Our many long-standing customers are a testimony to our ability to provide excellent services that offer sustained help. We are proud to have customers from all sectors – from major companies operating on the global market to small and medium enterprises.

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