Use of personality typologies – helps to understand the own behavior

In our work, we employ different personality models. Your employees will receive individual explanations for possible causes of certain behaviors, allowing us to give them a better understanding of our findings and increasing their willingness to change their behavior.

Additionally, these models provide information on the motivations and expectations of the interlocutors, for instance in negotiations with customers. We will use these findings as a point of reference for your employees, for example in the qualification of your sales staff. The result: A higher chance of building and developing successful customer relationships.

We also use these personality models with great success on the subject of “team work”. In this, we are guided by the field research of the Australian scientists Charles Margerison and Dick McCann: “In a team in which every member does a lot of what he or she enjoys doing, the passion, the commitment and the motivation multiply – thus creating a high performance team!”

You can benefit and use for example the following methods and models:

  • Team Management System (TMS)
  • Persolog or DISG
  • Positive Intelligence (PQ)
  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Various test using different emphases