Customer-oriented Service – a chance to boost revenues!

Products are becoming increasingly similar in function and performance – a challenge notably for technology-oriented companies. In order to distinguish yourself from your competitors, you put particular emphasis on a highly qualified and customer-oriented service and support team. Is your service and support team supposed to compensate for shrinking sales profits? Then the conduct of its members towards your customers is of crucial importance.

A perfect customer service can be the decisive factor in gaining and increasing your customers’ loyalty – and thus in the deepening of good business relations. A goal-oriented cooperation between your service and the sales teams will foster an integral way of thinking and acting among these two teams. This is a necessary prerequisite for the true understanding of the wishes and expectations of your customers – and thus for greater customer satisfaction.

Take your benefit out of our expertise! Our service portfolio includes:

  • Base foundation of an integrated service strategy
  • Customer focused communication and a professional appearance
  • Constructive behavior in case of during difficult negotiations and conflicts situations
  • Generate additional business and cross selling
  • Claiming – Basics and structure
  • Implementation support for line manager and the management